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Demolition Services

JTB Services was formed in 1986 and since that time we have established an unrivaled reputation for delivering a innovative, safe, and trusted demolition and dismantling services. We own, maintain, and operate a fleet of excavators, dozers, skid-steer loaders, and trucks to ensure we have the right equipment to complete any job. Our highly trained personnel, provide their knowledge and expertise to complete all jobs within OSHA and EPA guidelines.

It takes proper planning, powerful equipment, and years of experience to safely demolish any structure. We utilize a variety of methods, including:

  • Mechanical Demolition – using cranes, excavators, rams, and dozers to tear down a building.
  • Implosion – placing high powered explosives in carefully selected locations of the structure and detonating them to bring the structure down.
  • Deconstruction/ Dismantling – As the name suggests, deconstruction/dismantling is the opposite of construction. It involves a careful process of dismantling a structure.

Industrial/Commercial Services

JTB Services has a proven track record for safely removing all types of commercial and industrial structures. We specialize in various types of demolition and understand that each job has its own unique requirements. Large, multi-story building, grain silos, collegiate stadiums, schools, industrial warehouses, refineries, and manufacturing plant are but a few of types of structures we have demolished.

You can count on the experienced team at JTB Services to employ the right method and provide the proper equipment to safely and cost effectively remove unwanted structures.