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An Uncompromising
Commitment to Safety

Our Safety Record

At JTB Services, we are proud of our safety record. We believe our most valuable resource is our people. It is our people, their talents, experience, and knowledge, that make JTB Services a leader in the demolition industry. It is our responsibility as a company to provide a framework that ensures a safe work environment. This framework is a set of practices, policies and procedures that place safety above all. It’s more than good business; it’s the right thing to do.

Every employee must complete a thorough a safety orientation before he or she is placed in the field and we have an in-house safety director that conducts monthly safety meetings, along with surprise safety inspections of most jobsites. We also incorporate weekly tailgate safety meetings given by on-site superintendents. We continually strive to find new ways to do the job safer and more efficient.

Safety is Serious Business

At JTB Services, safety not just a goal, it is a quantifiable plan that is constantly reviewed, measured and evaluated to ensure a safe work environment and continuous improvement. It consists of:

  • a comprehensive safety manual that every employee must read and understand
  • every employee must complete a thorough safety orientation before being placed in the field
  • random jobsite inspections
  • daily safety meetings on every jobsite
  • weekly company-wide safety meetings

JTB Services Inc. – 30 Years in the Demolition Business with


We are proud to say that for 35 years, JTB Services Inc. has provided demolition services under the same name, with no name changes and no name deviations. Why is this important? Some companies make slight name changes or name deviations to manipulate their safety record and artificially lower their EMR.

We don’t play that game. We have achieved our EMR honestly, through hard work, attention to detail, and placing the safety of our employees above all else.

35 years, 1 name, and an EMR you can trust.